Friday, April 28, 2006

Hangovers are cured with more drinking

True story. Pictures and tales of debauchery from the Spankrock party bus tomorrow. For now:

  • Fire! Power! Happy Hour @ Johnny Brendas with Breakdown

  • Minnow shop with Last Friday art

  • You already know about Ya Tu Sabes

  • Seclusiasis presents the Straight Dope with a Streets listening party

  • Medusa has been around a year? Anniversary party tonight I'm not sure if I think that its been longer or shorter

  • Ladies Love Hip Hop with Ultraviolet

  • Saturday
  • Philebrity presents Thrilladelphia Hancock Street Rock n Roll Carnival Free block party in Northern Liberties.

  • Two words: Pop Off and sometimes (like Y) one word: Popoff

  • Mojito has been rescheduled for next week

  • Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!
  • Art, juggling, magicians, brazillian percussion and more at the Fairmount Arts Crawl

  • Its The Motherfucking Rub with Kanye's DJ A-Trak (click for guestlist), Cuiziner & DJ Orgasmic of TTC from Paris all at the Walnut Room
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