Saturday, April 29, 2006

What It Look Like

Shotguns, Beast, PBR & 95. Rolling to Baltimore on a party bus for the Spank Rock CD release party at the Ottobar. Whats that smell? Lighters clicking, cantabs popping and a wealth of converstaions meld together. A haze takes over the bus and I don't even think we're out of PA yet. Rinse and repeat for the next hour and a half. Throw in some Champagne, wine, cheese and more lighters clicking for good measure. We know we're close when the radio station has Baltimore club hour playing. Add some impromptu dancing, lots of camera flashes and time speeds up to the point where we're already there.

Its only 9:30 and Philly has just taken over the Ottobar. I mean seriously, who goes out to the club so early? If all of the alcohol on the bus wasn't enough, its free Natty Boh til 11 along with free Sparks for good measure. The club starts to fill up. Local Baltmoreans seem surprised that there are so many people already here and have already drank so much. Upstairs there are pool tables and backgammon. Head back downstairs and The Love Peace Project comes on. They have an impressive stage show with multiple MCs, bongos, bass, drums, dancers and more.

The crowd is in a frenzy and Spank Rock comes on. The energy in the place is almost palpable. Spankro goes through track after track as the crowd is dancing and singing along. Amanda Blank and Rose make a special guest appearance which pushes the crowd over the edge. From Bump to What it Look Like to Top Billing and more the crowd can't get enough. Time flies by and Spankrock finish their last song. The BBC DJs, Devlin, Darko, Chipset and Karl Hungus keep the crowd rocking as they take over the stage.

Amazingly its already 2 and the club empties out. We head back to the bus for the ride back to Philly. Cool MC Disco Spankrock stops by to say goodbye. The bus seems emptier than it was on the way there but no one says we're missing anybody so we head out. The bus is far more reserved as some pass out and some chill out.

The next day we find out a certain Philadelphian in a tux seems to have passed out, missed the bus and woke up at the Ottobar at 6 in the morning. The bus driver cleaned the bus from the ride down at the bar, then cleaned it again back here in Philly and it still had to go to cleaning service since the smell of smoke and beer was so bad. Needless to say, he said the smell of alcohol and smoke was overpowering there and back.

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