Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Weekend Pics - Thugstep, White Tees

Mad late but better than never right? It took me awhile to recover, what can I say? White Tees on Friday was ridiculous. I missed drinking 22's of Obolons. Crazy amounts of people, lots of dancing, beer pouring, pictures, camera flashes and more. Shout out to everyone in this photo and everyone that missed out on it. Afterwards, I decide that I should ride to Jersey with Nappy and Evelation to see Nappy spin tomorrow. Hey its 3 AM, seemed like a good idea at the time. Fast forward hours later after doing circles trying to get back on 95 after it was closed due to an accident and I'm on gravity hill in Plainsboro. Weird New Jersey in full effect. Next day is ice cream shops, car trunks slamming on my head, missing exits, no parking spots and then a house party in New Brunswick. Shout out to James, Khris, Pandemonium Jones, Definate Music, J Past, Evelation and Nappy. Oh and to the girl in the silver coat and the Nintendo Power Glove too, holla at me, I heard you make music. Definitely worth the trip. Devil may care attitude wins out!

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