Thursday, July 06, 2006

Mad Decent X Mishka

From the one named Diplo of Mad Decent
why is it important that the hottest new lable in the universe hooked up with the hottest new t shirt line in the whole galaxy?

well cause we did it back in like 2001 when we lived in a commune together in central florida

greg used to promise to take me to flea markets in the middle of the florida desert by crescent sity to buy 8mm films and bass 12"s
he never did but did manage to sell mad haunted baby dolls on ebay and I got an A on my film class by makin a doc on his mr T's

so when you see me on tour... show some respect and buy a mad decent t (designed by mishka) but in the meantime heres our first collaboration back when we lived between alfaya and eatonville... the good old dayz

Watch the Mr. T video here. Find out when they'll be in a town near you here. Philly buy your tickets today because last I heard there were maybe 5 tickets left from R5 Productions.

Wait, mad haunted baby dolls? Yep, check it here and here.

Finally, we have a new remix from Bonjay of Bonde do Role - Melo do Tabaco (Bonjay remix).

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