Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Don't Drink the Kool Aid

Tommy Up from Paper Street has a new column in the Philadelphia Weekly. He actually debuted last week, but his writing started this week:

My name's Tommy Up. I'm writing a new column in which I'll be looking at the social side of life in the city. Some sort of introduction is probably in order for those who don't know me. Allow me to expose some truths about myself.

I hate marketing. It's an industry full of used car salesmen who can't stop using the word “branding.” Marketing is about fooling people into feeling like shit about themselves and then suggesting to them that your product will fill the hole you just created. This hatred is ironic because I run a boutique marketing company. (I feel there's another way to raise the awareness of your product without telling people how uncool they are.)


PS. Ted helps me stay up with Entourage whenever I miss a show.

PPS. The Kool Aid point is way kooler than the tipping point

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