Sunday, October 16, 2005

Lets Go!

Pleasuretown delivered as expected. I came by early for the open bar and John Redden of Socket Sundays opened up. Next was Philmoore Brown rocking out with a crazy performance.

I checked out the attic with Freak and met with Zeit und Raum. Hope and Samantha let me know that it means "Time and Space" in English. Zeit und Raum also has a show at each Freak on the last Friday of every month at Fluid. The theme for tonight was Arctic Futuristic '50s and it came off really well. All the models were looking amazing with metallic skirts, baby blues and white faux fur. You can check out their regular collection at Garfield Michael Designs at 4th and Bainbridge.

In the basement the Town Jewlerz were killing it handing out free CDs for their release party of Youth Suicide Fantasy. Tommie Sunshine rocked the attic first and then finished off in the basement. $2 PBRs were flowing and so I headed up stairs.

Cosmo and Ayres had been dropping ill tunes all night so I headed to the main floor to check out the end of their set.

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tommy up said...

shit is hot, good pics