Saturday, January 28, 2006

Get um girl

Wow, stewardesses, bad girls being good, fashionistas, rappers, fashion designers, calendar girls and all the girls on the dance floor. It was ladies night last night and not a moment too soon. If you missed out, here is your next chance.

Last night was jampacked with events and unfortunately we only made it to two. Let us know if you have pictures from Stoya at Waxbar, or Absolute Beginners as we maximized our dancing time last night. First off we headed to Fluid for the Freak 1 year anniversary party. Jon Gill, WallyC and Deadboy provided the beats, Zeit Und Raum provided the fashion and Media Giant had the usual amzinging visuals. You may remember Zeit und Raum from Pleasuretown in October. Freak is their main party and last night they had 11 models showcasing the highlights of the past year. The models looked stunning with their creative and themed outfits which debuted at their monthly parties over the past year. Next Freak is a nurses party with Let Me Ride and Vesago at Transit. Oh and Miss December let me know about an all night party in two weeks. Keep posted for more info.

After pulling ourselves from Fluid we headed to the Khyber Upstairs for the Straight Dope with Meddafore and Seclusiasis. The place was packed as the dancefloor was going crazy while the dj's dropped heat like Dipset, Amanda Blank, Dizee Rascal and that super soaker track at the end of the night which had all the ladies twerkin it.

Check out all of our pics here. A fellow flickrite was at Freak the whole night and has more pics from the night. You may remember his pictures of Stoya designs from Pleasuretown.