Sunday, September 18, 2005

Its the Rub!

Seriously, I need Pimp C to do the voiceover for this. Ayres and Cosmo killed it. J&J had me mesmerized and the Womb was everything you would expect it to be; dark, warm and inviting. The Rub in the sixth boro was where it was at tonight. I was taking pictures all night and when I finally took my last pic, I was ready to get ugly with the rest of them. I'm surprised I didn't throw my arm out of its socket and on to the dance floor. I'll be feeling it tomorrow, so if any nurses want to come and help a doc out, come see me. It was an absoulte zoo tonight, Kats gettin Freaky , Misfit and a Herd of Elephants stompin thru and Pippi Longstocking like you've always wanted to see before. Cosmo ended the night right with Nolia Clap and this was just a taste of whats to come tomorrow. Can't forget to say thanks Sara!

This was just the start. Mississippi Love at Tragos is where its at tonight. If you haven't come out in years, months or less than day, you have to come out to Tragos today. You got work tomorrow? Come out early, go in late on Monday or just take the damn day off! You don't have work tomorrow? Come out early anyways. Seriously, if you can't stay just drop your donation off. If you are staying (and I don't know why you wouldn't) $20 for a VIP table and 6 pack on ice never felt so classy. Partying for a good cause, never felt so good. Don't forget to bring out that extra dough as well for all the silent auctions. You know you'll want what they got and tonight the money goes to a good cause, so you can afford to spend some extra dough ;)

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