Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Weekend wrapup

Check out Angelo Yaps photos from Absolute Beginners.

Saturday started out really good. Ghostface Killah at Armands with an album sampler with three full tracks. Pictures and signage. House party later to start out with. On to the Popoff shack. I must say, I haven't danced that much in years. Dancing until I nearly passed out with Brendan providing the beats. What up Joy? As promised, drunk sledding at the Art Museum afterwards. Everytime, I go I manage to meet people from Pod there. Good times. So I wake up Sunday and go to download pictures but where is my camera? *%$#! Apparently my camera went sledding without me. I hope whoever found it enjoys it and gets as much use out of it as I did. Do you like the picture of Ghostface? I'll trade you an album sampler. I'll even buy you the whole album if you return it. On the off chance that you don't know of or like Ghostface then lets make a deal. I was actually waiting for this to happen. Well, I guess on the plus side I can upgrade I just need to get one before The Rub this weekend at Transit. I'm glad Cosmo is back so soon as we unfortunately missed him at the Walnut Room.

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