Monday, October 29, 2007

Jenny Owen Youngs - Hot In Herre

On some other shit I first saw Jenny Owens Young while I was dating this girl who was all fucked up in the head. She was a lot of fun but would always say the craziest shit to me. For example... We had started fooling around and it got interesting and then she straight up stops everything and says

"Do you live journal?"
Me of course "Whats that like bloggin? Nah that shits stupid. Why?"
"Well I was just curious ya know cuase thats how I meet a lot of people in my life."
me throwing down the mack "So let me guess you live wire or what ever its called [aside: purposely throwing in the mistake, chicks dig dumb dudes]
"Ohh don't worry you can meet a bunch of my friends from Live Journal at this show over at the Tin Angel. We all meet on Live Journal and its kinda how we keep up with each other."
Me moving my hands up her body "What show are we seeing at the Tin Angel?"
"Oh Jenny Owens Young, she is kinda like Blue Grass mixed with some singer song writer folk stuff. Your gonna love it."
"Does she sing about lesbianism? Cause you know I am a lesbian."

Thats when shit started poppin again. Anywho the moral of this story is the next day I went on Live Journal and found out that she made a post about me saying some shit like

Mood: Just had great sex with this guy you are gonna meet at the Jenny Owens Young show tonight guys see you then.

It was kinda the best show I have ever seen at the Tin Angel. Jenny also signed my CD I was totally floored. She also talks shit on the crowd the whole time she preforms and ended with this track it was fun.

Get tickets here


Gentlewhoadie Apt One said...

Post Pix or it didn't happen Casi.

Casi G said...

Tonight you could buy this CD like I did and get Jenny to sign it herself, while the girl you brought to the show to express your sensitive side is looking at you like what the fuck is this dude about to run away to Seattle with another dude and get some cats named Mindy and Cecil?

I plan on singing along with these songs so study up