Friday, October 26, 2007

Congrats Stoya

Do you remember Stoya (seen here on the right) go go dancing at the Pleasuretown parties? She just inked a deal with porn studio Digital Playground! Congrats! I first remember meeting her when she worked the "door" for the Family Affair parties with Low Budget at Marathon Grill. That smile killed me, so amazing. I don't think she takes a bad picture, photogenic beyond belief.

Link (via Philebrity)


Gentlewhoadie Apt One said...

I'm not exactly sure if "congrats" is what you say when somebody signs a contract to be boned in their ass repeatedly for money.

di1 said...

You know its a matter of perspective. There is a sense where I agree but she signed a contract for a major studio. You watch porn right? Isn't that a double standard. I'll watch porn but I don't want anyone I know to be featured. It was her choice to do so and in choosing to film adult movies, this is surely a time to congratulate.

Anonymous said...

I remember this person, and no offence but I know a few people in the porn business.. and None of them are what I would call "right" in the head. Sure they say they are and that it's a matter of perspective etc.

But you all know there is a huge difference between watching a porn and choosing as a young girl of 21 to get boned by random people for money..

Any pretty girl could get a contract with a porn studio, how many beautiful girls get offered but only the few who have "issues" would actually consider it.

Astrid said...

I think the real problem here is people who think they can pass judgment on whomever and whatever they like, based on their own small vision of the world and how it works.

There are a lot of jobs I wouldn't like to do (like be a Romantic Comedy actress, play football, or be a corporate lawyer), but others might be very good at and make a lot of money doing.

I say congrats to Stoya, and whoever else has succeeded in something they worked hard to excel in.

di1 said...

Thank you Astrid. I think you were able to communicate my point much better. I think the anonymous comment above is self righteous and condescending. It is such an incredible double standard to talk down on the porn industry but still watch it. How can you conciously watch something if "none of them are right in the head". That is irresponsible. If you think porn is so terrible stop watching it and work with those who would rather see it abolished.

The key point is "I say congrats to Stoya, and whoever else has succeeded in something they worked hard to excel in." Is that not the definition of the American Dream?

Anonymous said...

I know Stoya, and am heartbroken by her decision. Less than a year ago, she wanted to get out of the sex industry business and into something normal.. her quote now is:

"I do girls on camera, I do boys on camera, I take it in the ass on camera, I haven't done double penetration yet — I just had anal sex for the third time in my life three weeks ago, and it was on camera, so I think I'd like to get used to that before doing the double penetration thing. But I would do that, yes."

Yes Astrid, congratulations are in order for someone who works hard to excel in something... but it doesn't take much work for a girl as beautiful as Stoya to land a contract in the porn industry.

I think of Hailey Paige, who I also knew. If you haven't heard of her, google the name. Not much older than Stoya, the industry used her up, and drugs took her life only a few months ago.

I'm very afraid for her future.

Anonymous said...

I respect people's carrer choices of course, just as I respect people who decide to go into organized crime.. it pays.. there is risk.. but if they are successfull it's still an accomplishment..

That is how I feel about porn..

the reality is for a woman the only thing you have to do is convince yourself that what you are doing is "ok" in your mind and you are good to go.. the PROBLEM is that some people especially someone who is 21 can do some damage that will not be repairable.. even if she quits porn and wants a normal life.. she immediately will have to overcome a MAJOR hump (of doing porn) to be able to succeed..

You people that are critisizing me for my harsh opinion of her decision either a) do not know any people in the porn business or b) are just trying to justify a decision for the sake of argument..

I know the business, I have friends in the business and I would not wish porn for a young girl on my worst enemies.. it can easily destroy a young person.. I don't know where her parents or real friends are but evidently she has none..

Anonymous said...

Man... I'd like to be a pornstar...
Too bad my stupid parents didn't teach me right... All that bullshit 'bout studying...
If I ever have a son I'll tell him that porno is the only way to go. The rest is bullshit... All those illusions 'bout life...
N for a girl? Well... if she likes being boned, that's the best way to go. At least they're being tested for STD's constantly. All the young girls, nowadays, are fucking like pornstars, except they're don't get paid and with partners not tested.
Morally, porno may have it's cons, but, pragmaticaly, it's all pros!

Anonymous said...

Would you congratulate someone for being the best guard at Auschwitz? That's faulty reasoning.

So any opinion that has a moral quality to it is condescending? Who are you to condescend Hitler in thinking he's evil? Matter of perspective-- an argument that can justify any action.

The porn industry has ruined plenty of lives and the people I know that have done porn only do it to feed their drug habits. This happens-- don't hide behind a wall of nihilism.

di1 said...

Congrats Anonymous, the magic number for this argument is 9! Have you heard of Godwin's Law?

Just because it happens to some in the industry doesn't mean it happens to all.

When I said condescending, yes it would be condescending to do something but be against it. If you're ok with the end product, that is irresponsible. Maybe condescending is the wrong word, maybe I should have said hypocritical.

Also congratulations on completely missing the point. I'm pretty sure this is just a flame war and no real value but this is the Internet and there are people that are wrong.