Friday, October 26, 2007

So Philly

>>>A historical plaque was installed in the Italian Market section of Philly commemorating the "South 9th Street Curb Market", whatever that is. Apparently last night "the plaque portion at the top was unbolted, apparently thrown to the ground - and may have been run over by a car". I have to say this is pretty awesome. Stop renaming streets and sections of the city. We DO NOT WANT. Its the Italian Market regardless of anything else. Its Delaware Ave not Chris Columbus.

>>>Wow! Years and years after Philly was supposed to have a Public Access channel, there finally is one. Not that everyone doesn't already have a million options instead of traditional TV. The current estimates are that it will be live in January 2008 and are currently looking for content. Submit your videos to

>>>Joe Sixpack posted his second reason why Philly is the best beer drinking city. It has to do with 10% and Dogfish.

>>>More beer news from Joe Sixpack, Standard Tap is tapping a new cask ale every Wednesday, taking Halloween off but back November 7th with a Yards Ale.

>>>With 0 votes tallied and 0% of precinct reporting Philly Will Do is calling the Mayoral race over 12 days before it begins.

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