Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Vinyl, Discovery and Waffles

  • Interesting post over at Wired claiming that vinyl will be the ultimate killer of the CD. As you may guess, I'm sure Casi would agree. Somewhere along the way I got hooked on vinyl as well. I can't quite justify buying double albums this way, but singles and I love love old jazz records, not the reissues from recent years, but the old vinyl with the crackling and everything.
  • Lala, yet another possible threat to the music business. Wired does a writeup of the service and the founder who has conquered multiple other markets and got bored of traveling. To me it seems rather similar to Pandora except that it offers links to buy the music you're listening to. Can anything save the music industry? Is it worth saving? Do we need major record labels?
  • Never buy a ringtone again.
  • Waffleswaffles and jam. Anyone used any of these? seems to be in the lead. is still in its infancy. Stmusic and funkytorrents both eclipse these newbies in users and torrents. Whats your favorite? Sorry, no I don't currently have any invites.
  • Trent Reznor is producing Saul Williams new album and was an Oink user. I'm not sure whether or not to be scared or to just write this off as boring typical music journalism: "The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust!, a mind-boggling fusion of genres — think NIN meets Gnarls Barkley meets Justice". Read the article here. Pay or not for the album tomorrow here.


Tom Jonze said...

2 things. one i am a member of Lala. Not just a member but a pretty active user. so far i have traded away about 130 cds i either acquired as a writer or bought years ago i no longer want. and in return i have recouped around 140 cds of various styles and availability. there's some ups and downs to the service. you can get a lot of stuff without the back art and as a collector like myself that is annoying. also some of the art you get has seen some serious beatings. finally you might not get a lot of the more obscure music you are seeking unless its obscure but also now considered dated/bad (i got the first 3 saigon kick albums almost immediately)

that said i filled out some artists collections that i didnt want to buy new or used but wanted to hear (Sean Paul, Saigon Kick, LL Cool J for example) and i also got to hear some new bands that i was curious about (my bloody valentine and Chavez for example). i'm a big fan of the service and if you sign up look for me or hit me up over this and we can befriend each other and possibly trade some muzak.

also, i bought the new Saul Williams. yea, i PAID for it. because i want to support trent/saul. and because i think the better sound quality is worth it. ill give you all a short review in the coming days/weeks.

di1 said...

Interesting, is the online radio station part useful at all? Is it mostly popular stuff or more obscure stuff as well?

I'm assuming you prepaid for the Saul/Trent collabo right? I believe it comes out tomorrow. How many songs is it?