Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Mad Decent News

Bonde do Role signed a deal with UK indie Domino Records and released the video below for Solta O Frango (Release the Chickens).

DJ Blaqstarr album is out now and its huge available at TTLab and iTunes.

If you've heard the podcast, then you already know about Smash a Kangaroo. If not, check it out here.
From Diplo:

im here in Darwin.. its nothing but crocodiles aboriginals and cowboys, i got here via alice springs and tommorow im takinga mail plane to maningrida.... in the plan ive got a rane/serrato combo mixer/ a UB black powerbook/ two cdjs/ maudio midi mpc mad, and a bunch of hard drives..
the govt gave a lil money and Apple and rane came though hard.. and Ed banger even harder for djing the fundraiser last wednesday in smelbourne at miss libertines.. we are going to make a lil music studio up in the bush tommorow and keep it going until the wheels fall off. all the equipment being donated to the aboriganal community organization here in NT.. and then the same project in Wagga next week.
i cant beleive the thing came together but its going down and I hope to do a project like this every 6 months

Check the pic of the some of the kids here

Also while in Australia, Diplo was on Triple J. Download it here (via Discobelle with mostly correct track listing)

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