Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hip Hop: Art or Poison?

Really? I mean really? I guess dmac explained it best when he posted it.
Yes, how are they getting away with it! How dare they make music and then attempt to sell their creation to people! POISON, I say, POISON! I can't wait for CNN's special about pogs. Could metal slammers hurt our children's eyes? How are these manufacturers getting away with it?!

Actually, I do have a question: How can CNN get away with putting this crap on the air? Shouldn't they be out of business? Oh, wait. CNN's competitors are Fox News and MSNBC. Now I understand.

I'm surprised this isn't on MSNBC with Nancy Grace. If anyone watches this trainwreck of news coverage, please let me know in the comments if they said anything insightful or decided to go the sensationalist route taken in the commercial.
Via Philadelphia Will Do

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