Thursday, February 08, 2007

End of an Era: Low Budget's Last Night at 700 Club

Damn, so Low Budget is done with 700 Club. This is a good thing as he is just too busy party rocking the world to be here consistently. Congrats LowB but be sure to save time to play here once in awhile.
So after 4 years of one of the best dance nights I've ever been a part of, I've decided to hang up the headphones on Thursdays at 700 club.

I NEED to thank EVERYONE thats come out the last few years and made this one of the best nights in the city. As a DJ you always dream of having that one weekly party that is consistently bangin, week after week, the night that you practice for, the night that you go out on a limb and break new music, the night that makes you the happiest. And I'm more than lucky to have had that for this long. And its all because of the incredible people that have supported it, that I was able to keep doing it. But furtunately for me, my schedule just will not allow me to continue to put in the effort that it takes to give this night the attention that it deserves, so I have to let it go.

I also have to thank Dan the Swede who's pretty much been my partner in this night for the last two years. He's held it down like no other, and Philadelphia's really lucky to have him as a DJ in their city.

So lets do it one last time!!!

Thursday Feb 8th @ 2nd & Fairmount

Tonite is going to be crazy. Free as always. Lets get it in!!

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