Friday, February 16, 2007

What it Do

Mid February already with snow on the ground still. Head up to the Poconos to really take advantage of it. Holla back.

  • Tighten Up with Illvibe now weekly at the Bubble House (3404 Sansom)
  • Zodiac Aquairus Edition - Medusa
  • Hands & Knees - M Room (15 W Girard)
  • Monster (as seen above) with Krames from Cobra Kai out of VA. Trust me this is going to be good. We've been championing Krames for almost a year now, he comes correct. Next week will be a feature post on Krames and his new CD full of remixes "Dishwasher Safe".
    • Just got this new remix of Walk it Out by Krames featuring a VA MC
  • Brazilian Carnaval Celebration at World Cafe Live
  • Afterparty until 7 featuring Dev 79 and Starkey

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