Wednesday, February 28, 2007

This is This - Alex Da Corte at ICA

You may remember Alex Da Corte from his imaginative "Welcome Your Sorrows" at the Black Floor Gallery. Well he is back with a new project entitled This is This debuting tonite on his birthday at the Institute of Contemporary Art. Party runs until 8PM and features Dave P djing. As you may be able to tell, the exhibit revolves around a deer. Photo credit PW, which has more on the artwork. Also playing are Plastic Little and Sweatheart with cover charge of a $1. Officially its sold out, but if you show up, you may be able to get in. Also at the ICA is the Daydreamer Magazine launch party featuring DJ Phillee Blunt from the Illvibe Collective. From their MySpace (where else?)
Daydreamer is a magazine that profiles people in their 20's and 30's who have taken exceptional risks, both professional and personal, in order to make their daydreams a reality, living the lives that they want to live. We're highlighting artists, social entrepreneurs, musicians, activists, anyone who has made a sizeable impact in actively shaping the world that they daydream about.
Seems interesting enough, Daydream magazine is scheduled to be a pilot as that most magazines tend to fail within the first two years.

Also tonite is last Wednesdays which means only one thing, Josh Wink and Ovum at Fluid. Get on the guestlist here for free admission.

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