Friday, January 19, 2007

Omar - Get Money

Heres the latest in Emynd's t-shirt line featuring the one and only Omar Little from The Wire. If you haven't seen The Wire, go rent it but to fill you in now, Omar is a stick up man who holds up local drug dealers. You have to have a code, Omar's is that he only believes in making money from those already in the "game" proclaiming that he "never put my gun on no citizen." Omar's gun is a shotgun often tucked under his trench coat. Omar is legendary in Baltimore and is scared of no one. To see the shirt in action pick up a Philadelphia Weekly as emynd is sporting it for the photo shoot accompanying the Beats & Rhymes party this Saturday or just click here (flash won't let me copy the pic).

Get the shirt over at Crossfaded Bacon.

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