Thursday, January 11, 2007

Scottie B / Mad Decent / Unruly Online

We just had to do a mashup post when mentioning the new Mad Decent blog. Mashups are all the rage or something and they have to do with dinosaurs like triceratops and diplodocus and other crazy extinct giant animals. Also, you can expect all sorts of unknown music that will rule the dance floors in like two months from Paul Devro.

From said blog, so I can tie in with the next part of teh mash up, there are sets from the one and only Scottie B. founder of Unruly Records, king of Bmore club and more. Here is what Diplo has to say bout it bout it:
for me, comin from hollertronix… thats cool like we get a good rep for fucking up the DJ scene , but to help invent a genre is kinda a whole wheat bread loaf crazy.. ive djed with scotty, hes a run of the mill black music staple DJ, he rocks the fitted hats the clean sneakers the polo shirts and holds down clubs likes the paradox on the weekends where metal detectors are manditory and he throws it down. Scotty is a DJ foremost and he knows every new hip hop track that bangs on urban radio… at the same time he can give you a comprehensive house music history if you step to him….. but bottom line scotty b loves music and in this set hes droping blqstarr, sinden , kw griff, switch, fergie, mia, internet only bootlegs and classic baltimore club that only this dude has ripped from his vinyl .. .. its like all this new house music awakened a sleeping giant…. this isnt a ableton mix this is live from Sonar. check it on thursdays or go and buy hollertronix 6 vinyl at where you get the Unruly Simon joint that is a complete take over in 2007
Scottie B - Live at Sonar part 1
Scottie B - Live at Sonar part 2

So, Unruly has now leap frogged into the 21st century and beyond and is opening up their Catalog and letting all you go at it. Singles are 1.99, albums are either 5.99 or 7.99 and they're all high quality mp3's that you can play tonight at your favorite club and completely blow away the dance floor with tracks from Low Budget, Scottie B, KW Griff, Blaq Starr, Doo Dew Kidz and more. Rod Lee has his On The Download EP up there which you know will slay em in the club.

Mad Decent Blog, Unruly Online MP3 Store

ps. The Wire slays all television and the duo responsible for the score, Darkroom Productions, just released a mixtape. Fader blog has the details.

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