Friday, January 12, 2007

What it Do

Remember how I mentioned Spank Rock is going to be on Jimmy Kimmel? Yeah, me too thats why I'm in L.A. I love Philly and will be representing for the Eagles. B. Dawk jersey in the crowd tonight on the show. Holla!

  • Dining days in University City continues through the 18th.
    • Reccomendations for food / price combo Rx, Zocalo and White Dog. Penne looks good but I've never been there.
  • Art Syndicate show at the Maze Gallery featuring Danny Perez, Hunter Stabler and Wowch! The show is from 5-10 at 1726 Chestnut St
  • Click at Fluid (613 S. 4th Street)
  • Open Fire! - Upstairs at Sals its the Seclusiasis crew of Dev79 and Starkey knocking you over with that bass heavy street fire. (200 S. 12th Street)
  • Cold Retarded - AJ Ready Wright rocks the 700 club every friday with the shelltop jams. Your favorite houseparty upstairs at your favorite No Libs bar. (700 N. 2nd)
  • Tigthen Up - Illvibe Collective playing soul, funk, hip hop and more. (3404 Sansom St.)
  • Tastytreats - Mike Nyce and ?uestlove when not on tour consistently rock Fluid with the jams (613 S. 4th Street)
  • Shakedown - Continuing since Summer, Rob Paine, Willyum and Summer Joy got the deep and funky house @ Marathon Grill 2001 Market St.
  • Martin Luther King Jr, Day of Service Volunteer because I know you have it off.
  • Celebrate because the Remedy is back at Fluid for this special night. Cosmo Baker and Rich Medina bring back the legendary party with Rahnon even on door.

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