Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Aphiliates Music Group Raided

The Aphiliates Music Group was raided yesterday afternoon at the behest of the RIAA. The Fulton County SWAT team and Clayton County Police brought all 17 employees in for questioning on warrants to arrest DJ Drama and Don Cannon who were among the 17. Drama and Cannon are being held for racketeering without bond.
From the RIAA:
"These guys are actively advertising online. They've got a website that they're advertising from, that's where you place your orders and that's how the orders are shipped out," Matthew Kilgo of the RIAA told local reporters. "Statistics also show that you can make up to a 90% profit just off the resale of counterfeit CDs. So there's huge money to be made in it, and there's no stigma attached to purchasing it."
Resale of counterfeit CDs? Huh? Mixtapes are a promotional tool that the labels have been falling over themselves for. See also Papoose, Young Jeezy etc. It seems as though the Gangsta Grillz series apparently got too big and popular for its own good. Yet still, the RIAA PR story was that they were reselling counterfeit CDs. These CDs are of course full of tracks from the labels, partially funded by the labels and the labels are in turn funding the RIAA. It is exactly instances like this where people don't care about downloading music for free.
DJ Drama was born and raised in Philadelphia and later moved to Atlanta where he went to college at Clark Atlanta University.
Heres a couple Cannon joints from his MySpace jumpoff
Full Story, DJ Drama, The Aphilliates (mixtapes section taken down)

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