Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Love Movement at Threadless

The Love Movement is an incredible art collective originally based out of Philly but now in LA still loving and representing Philly always. Check out what Ropeadope has to say:
Trippin through Philly I picked up on the scent of The Love Movement - one of the city's more prolific and creative coalitions. With love as the backbone, and social awareness as the neckbone, art & design take over as the weapons of choice. Dropping bits and pieces of objects in the community that beautifies and educates. An idea worth emulating.
Their main social awareness project right now has to deal
TLM currently has three tee shirts up on Threadless for you to vote on. Check 'em out as they're killer. My personal favorites are the one above and this one asking the all important question, "What if Saddam Skated?"

All money from the Darfur shirt will go to benefit the efforts with SaveDarfur.org. Click now to sign the pledge.

Additionally, all sales from The Love Movement art go to a village in the West African nation of Benin. Their most recent project was to build a well.

Vote now for With Our Two Hands, Save Darfur, What if Saddam Skated? and NBA or Art?