Friday, January 19, 2007

What it Do

Beats, check 'em out. Still recovering from last weekend, need some more Vitamin C. Will post crazy amounts of pictures by Monday, promise.

  • Until gone - %50 off sale at Pedestrian (252 South Street) on select brands.
  • EDIT:Philebrity reminded about an art opening tonight at ICA called "Locally Localized" featuring local galleries like Space 1026, Black Floor and more. Check this, its incredible.
  • Girl Talk at Johny Brendas with Plastic Little - Last time he played here was a random house party in South Philly. This time he gets written up in the Inquirer and the Philly Weekly. Needless to say tickets are sold out, I looked on Craigslist and there are only wanted tickets. When I saw him in LA, I found it to be a pretty good show seeing as he is just clicking on his computer every few minutes. First he brings all the girls on stage and then proceeds to jump around taking his shirt off waving it around like a helicopter. Just don't bother trying to pick out every sample he uses or your brain will overheat. Oh and maybe, just maybe you will be able to win tickets from Philebrity & R5 by 4:30. (I'm sure snarky emails will be rewarded)
  • Cage and friends at the Church (btw, if you haven't noticed Cage switched his style up and got signed to def jux)
  • Hands & Knees - Sparks fueled hipsters dance to Jhn Rdn and friends
  • AJ Ready Wright at 700 club cause who doesn't like 700?
  • Rave on with Double Vision and Unbirthday
  • Oh and BobSaget at the Tower Theater, have you seen the Aristocrats?
  • Beats and Rhymes - Reef the Lost Cause on the mic with all of his producers squaring off against one another. That bol emynd is in the competition so root for him.
  • Yurayura - House and techno with Bart Skils and the funkshun crew
  • Rowdy Send Off - At Medusa, DNB send off party for Nate Day and Steve Rea
  • Tech Support at Bubble House
  • Stakeout on Acid - Acid house and tech house at Upstairs at Sals
  • Dan the Swede & friends - New weekly at Upstairs at Sals (thanks Jawntronix for reminding me)


Jawntronix said...

Dont forget, sunday night, DanTheSwede & friends upstairs at Sal's...Not to be missed.

di1 said...

Thanks, forgot all about that as I was posting this up.