Wednesday, June 14, 2006

New Orleans Bounce

New winner from the monthly Hollertronix mix by JD. Normally I would just include this with the usual More Bounce posting, but this is important enough that it has its own post. From here out I'll just let Dirty South Joe aka Deluxx introduce it.

This month's winner is brought to you by that bol jd and it's an essential selection of New Orleans BOUNCE classics. From the ease in which Curtis Mayfield rides to the Bunny Hop, to the all too familiar sounds of crackly, well worn wax, this mix is an excellent introduction to one of the N.O.'s countless musical exports. Don't forget, the city itself is older than the United States, and most if not all American black music was born either there or Mississippi.

I'm not sure exactly what any of us can actually do at this point to help remedy the suffering of post Katrina New Orleans. It's a pretty safe bet that an alarming percentage of displaced residents will NEVER be able to return to their homestate. The least we can do is educate ourselves on some of the incredible cultural contributions the city has graciously provided us with.

As a bonus to jd's mix, I offer yall a couple of examples of timely protest music. 5th Ward Weebie's Fuck Katrina and Lil Wayne's (Georgia) Bush.


New Orleans still needs help. Craigslist still has their page up, so check there to find a place to volunteer or donate money.

Curtis Mayfield blend over Bunny Hop inst.
Da Entourage - Bunny Hop (they used to have Bunny Hop contests at Sharpstown mall, haha)
Ricky B - Ya'll Holla
BMD feat. Papa Reu and Juvie - Nasty Girl
Big Tymers feat. Bun B - Playboy
Kane and Abel feat. Mystikal - Shake it Like a Dog
Juvenile - Soldia Rag
Mystikal - Big Truck Driver
DJ Jubilee - Get it Ready (live version)
Everlasting Hitman - Bounce Baby Bounce
DJ Jimi - Where Dey At?

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