Thursday, June 22, 2006

Too Tuff Back to Wreck Shop*

Unfortunately I didn't catch this until too late. DJ Too Tuff from major old school Philly hip hop players Too Tuff Crew was profiled in the Inqy in advance of his show at the Tritone. Get your learn on or nostalgia as it may be.

Once lost, but now found, DJ Too Tuff is touching the tables again, trying to piece together a career that held as much promise as those other Philly turntablists Cash Money, Jazzy Jeff and DJ Miz. Tonight at Tritone, he begins what many hope is a not-so-long road back.

"In my opinion, any DJ from the Philly area who is 25 and up has been influenced by DJ Too Tuff," says Cosmo Baker, the renowned DJ behind The Rub parties. Baker, a Philly native, called Hicks one of the best unheralded DJs of his time in the April issue of Wax Poetics magazine. "Any DJ of worth knows the cuts from 'My Part of Town' by heart."

Read the whole article here. Check out the Phila.Sophical trailer. Check out this video from his performance at Tritone.

*Title provided by Cosmo Baker. Back to Wreck Shop has been reissued and can be picked up now. Listen to the full album here.

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