Friday, June 23, 2006

History of Cottontail

Remember how we mentioned previously about an upcoming appearance from one one Miss Oxy Cottontail? Well its going down this Sunday at the Walnut Room. Miss Cottontail will be djing with the lovely DJ Elle. Get on the guestlist now because its going to be packed.

So whats the title have to do with any of this? ANP Quarterly has an article about Roxy in Issue 4. Read the whole article here. So what is ANP Quarterly?
A new arts magazine published by RVCA which will focus on a broader sense of art and community. The idea behind this endeavor is to make a magazine that will educate and inform openly and without the social or financial restrictions that plague many publications today and contribute more often than not to the "same old thing" again and again. Our goal is not to focus on current events or "who's hot" but rather to bring forward people and phenomena that deserve acknowledgement and coverage regardless of their place in time. For as long as we can make it happen, this magazine will be completely FREE and without advertising. - Taken from the editors' letter in issue 1
You can pick up ANP in Philly at Space 1026 or Minnow or just sign up for their newsletter on their website.

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