Thursday, June 01, 2006


A member of the Holler family is in need of help for one of her students. Please read below and help her out. All donations need to be in by this weekend. I'll vouch for her, please if you can help out paypal
I teach (taught) a leadership course in conjunction with a community tutoring program. through this program we help nearby highschools that have little funding and are part of lower-class communities. these schools have something like a 30% student population that graduates. many of the kids there don't stay in school because they know that they cannot afford college and give up before they can even earn a diploma.

that said, the leadership institute's student-run organization offers three $3000 scholarships to three pre-selected students. this is an amazing program that really decides whether a child will be able to afford to go to college or not. the total of $9000 comes from a year's worth of fundraising, bake sales, charity events, speakers, and local vendors.

we just found out that one of our major contributors (a man who owns several small companies) just filed for bankruptcy and backed out on his contribution. we had not recieved the money from him yet because he had contributed several years in the past and thought it wise to be patient with someone who was giving us such a large sum. now we are $3000 short. we cannot split up the remaining $6000 it already has been allocated to two of the students. this last scholarship was to be awarded next monday.

we have contacted many of our other contributors in hopes that they would donate more... but if they do so it is likely that it will be a very small amount (local places contribute a little to a lot of different scholarships to get their name out). our resources are pretty much dry because we spent all year milking every one for what they were worth.

i'm actually getting really emotional while writing this. these are students who shine in their academics and community and are a real inspiration to others. i know the student who will be fucked if we dont pull through personally.

his name is derrick. he asks me for advice about girls to avoid english hw. he'll be the first of his family to go to college. his brother is a jerkoff. he somehow stalked my phone number after the program ended to excitedly tell me about how he asked a girl to prom and she said yes. sounds cliche, but i really don't know anyone who deserves this more.

unfortunately all of our major financial moves (dealing with money over $250) have to be approved by an advisor. our advisor is currently island hopping and won't come home until sunday (because the situation just had to be worse than it already is). right now we are awaiting an email 'ok' from her to open a paypal account and attempt to save this kid's future.

i am going to put in everything i can without going broke. i think i can get my parents to put in $500. that leaves me with six days to raise at least $2300.
Please if you can $5, $10 or whatever.

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