Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ubiq Reopened

Walking by Ubiq during the spring I'm sure you noticed that it was closed. Well now its back open and completely redesigned by renowned architect Rafael de Cardenas. Cardenas is also responsible for the aNYthing score among others in the LES and around the world.
the optically stimulating store vibrates with black-and-white patterns, intense and strategic lighting, and reflective surfaces. The back of the store holds a standout collection of men's clothing and accessories in a space designed to feel like an old Upper East Side living room. The exclusive footwear, including Ubiq's eponymous line, find special homes in bright glass cases that facilitate maximum ogling. And with an upstairs gallery that transforms into temporary pop-up shops, expect a string of exciting collaborations to come.
Pop-up shops excite me. I looked into setting up a pop-up shop and the realtor was real nervous. Hopefully in the future I can find realtors not quite so nervous. Stop by the new store and gawk and buy and pair of Dunks or AF1's or a shirt at 1509 Walnut. Check out some of Cardenas' other projects at Architecture at Large.


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