Thursday, June 21, 2007

New from Pocketknife

Just got this brand new remix from Pocketknife (one half of Flagrant Fowl with Cousin Cole). Its a remix of White Magic's "The Gypsies Came Marching After." Honestly, that doesn't mean anything to me but the track is hot. Wikipedia tells me that White Magic is a "folk rock group from Brooklyn, NY headed by Mira Billote". This makes total sense as the next release from Flagrant Fowl will be a "forthcoming mix CD Tambourine Dream, which will feature 17 or 18 Flagrant Fowl remixes of folk songs new & old." Flagrant Fowl - flipping folk to blog house, hahaha, maybe not that funny. Enjoy
Pocketknife, FlagrantFowl, Cousin Cole

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