Friday, June 01, 2007

Let Me Ride at Fluid

Just got this message from Art and his friend Dre:
Okok alrightalrightalrightalright....How ya'll feelin out there? Terrible, huh? Hung-over, huh? Me too...Its been a rough couple of weeks but we gotta hang in there....Its only just the beginning...

Summer has officially jumped off. And if you're anything like me, (if there's a god, you are) when its this hot out all you wanna do is drink and fuck. Maybe do some grillin, but mostly drink and fuck. This summer has officially been dubbed "The Summer of Sloppyness". So
in the spirit of sex, booze, and all-around sloppyness, i cordially invite you to Let Me Ride. Its tonite at Fluid. This shit is gonna be serious. Art Cuebik & Joey Breakdown play that get sweaty, touch a stranger in a strange way , spill ya drank cuz ya drunk, dance music
that fuels summer-night shenanigans. its that electro / bmore / house / indierock / hiphop / takeyaclothesoff shit that moves you. Kevin Kong is gonna be on the wheels tonite as well. Kevin Kong needs no introduction. Its Kevin Kong. Illy emcee will be on the Mic, actually mc'ing. Not just givin shout outs on the mic. That kid is like the first molotov cocktail thrown at a riot. As soon as he hits, shit goes to a whole new level...And to top it all off they got
Chris Thomas comin in from NYC. This cat is a heavyweighta. This man was bangin out parties when you were still shittin mustard. If all this won't get you to come out then you, yes you, are a horrible human being. Yea I said it.

Yeahyeah memorial day weekend just passed. You're broke. Im broke. Illy Emcee is broke. So what? Its free before midnight and five after that. Then they got crazy drink specials goin on. I dont know what they are because whiskey has ruined my memory. Basically what Im
sayin is that for the price of a weekly septa pass, or two martinis, you can come out, get silly drunk and make out with your best friend...or a stranger...or Illy Emcee...

Lets face it...Nothing is else is going on tonite until like 230 am...You mind as well come spend the evening sweatin to songs you've never heard but are now your favorite songs. And fuckit... afterwards we can all go back to Art's place and watch Lindsay Lohan movies and cuddle with Breakdown...

Let Me Ride

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