Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Blue Grass Like Whoaa!

Its so refreshing to go to a bar, sit and drink $2.50 beers and hear really great music. Ortliebs Jazz Haus turned into Ortliebs Barn (No Raveo all you Scandinavian Trance heads who googled LowLands and got here we are talking about fucking BLUE GRASS) when the LowLands showed up last night to a crowd ready to get down on a Monday night. They played in the old acoustic style around one mic and just kept the place jumping with oringnal material, some killer John Prine covers, and harmonizing that stole my heart. The place was full of friends and family all sitting, drinking, and talking with a couple of courageous floggers getting up to dance when the spirit hit them. This was the last show for The LowLands before the Folk Fest this summer so they can finalize the full length album for release later on this year. Here is a track written by the guitarist in the band Chris Kasper which really captures the bands flava, and you can pick up the EP at Itunes and CD baby. These guys play a lot of local shows so sign up for their email news letter, or myspace, or Adrien Reju's email list.

Gamblin Soul [zshare]

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