Thursday, June 14, 2007

Jayson's Mood and a danse party

So every time I see Jayson, he's always "Blog about my mood son." So straight from the source:
My tummy hurts
To keep this on a livejournal tip, I'm assuming he's listening to Hail Social or Fischer Spooner or maybe Massive Attack but with his current mood, I doubt it. Yo son, kick it with some Pepto Bismol. Anyways, check out the new Plastic Little jumpoff "Married to the Mirror" at the M Room on Saturday June 23rd with DJ Si Young and DJ Dee Jay. Somewhere I had copy of this from Jayson but that was probably in a bulletin I got on myspace 3days ago which is over my 25 page limit. So instead check out Black Like Me at Philadelphia weekly. Oh and please send letters to PW saying how much you hate/love the column so they keep printing it and don't get scared that T5S is going to stop advertising. Also, check out the art opening of Phantom Limb from Jayson and Heather Rae Morton at Topstitch on July 6th. Also, I did some guest dj'ing at WKDU today so I can have my own show and I played "Get Close" the clean version but it wasn't, oops sorry Oriel. Also, I don't think I said also enough times in this post.

Jayson Musson, Plastic Little, DJ Si Young, DJ Dee Jay


Jayson Scott Musson said...

hail social is the truth. i don't really like fischer spooner except for that one song that i hear from 2003. the love of my life from before the time that fischer spooner song came out was a huge massive attack fan, and we used to have sex to Protection a whole bunch. she's married to someone else now and i have a roommate. if i had to go back in time and change anything, i'd probably would've held her hand a little bit more and told her i loved her more often, but i was 21 and i just wanted to drink beer and smoke weed.

alliboo cream stunner said...
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alliboo cream stunner said...

so now i will know about black like me. i thank you.

di1 said...

Its official. I'm going to start blogging Jayson's mood consistently. There were 3 whole comments here, which is more than there has been in awhile. Jayson, text it to me 3 times a day, be sure to include what you're listening to. If you just want to use emoticons, thats cool too.

Doc why did you delete your (original) comment?

Hail Social is the truth. I have no idea about fischer spooner. I do like electro though. I'm going to go with wisdom from the Bronx Tale in that we're allowed 3 great ones. If not, that would suck and next time I'll need to hold her hand more too while drinking beer.