Friday, June 15, 2007

Jhn Rdn Crescendolls Mix

Just got this mix from Jhn Rdn as a promo for his upcoming weekly "Crescendolls". With the death of Hands & Knees, this phoenix rises from the ashes at the newly opened Goji at 20th and Hamilton directly across from the Wawa. Goji features Japanese cusisine, a sushi bar and an outdoor patio. Plus the kitchen and sushi bar are open until 1. Residents include Jhn Rdn, Ian St. Laurent, Kyle from Bleached Black and Danielle Redden. Keep up to date where else but on the Crescendolls MySpace page.
1 rod lee - star track
2 mr oizo - patrick122 (jhn rdn edt)
3 livin' joy - dreamer (nightmare)
4 yelle - office boy (shir khan)
5 gossip - standing in the way of control (soulwax)
6 justice - dvno (jhn rdn edt)
7 prodigy - girls (gent noch) (jhn rdn re-edt)
8 les rhythyms digitales - from disco to disco
9 klaxons - gravitys rainbow (soulwax)
10 daft punk - robot club rock
11 daft punk - robot rock rock rock (isl jhn rdn edt)
12 digitalism - zdarlight (groove addiction)
13 cars - just what I needed (balt version)
14 yelle - garcons des matins (sta)
15 chemical brothers - do it again
16 a-trak - wampercycle
17 robin s. - I need your love
18 coburn - we interrupt this program (jhn rdn edt)
19 basement jaxx - red alert (jhn rdn edt)
20 todd terry - get down (kenny dope mix)
21 amplid - plugin (lovely chords) (jhn rdn re-edt)
22 justice vs data - d.a.n.c.e.
23 la riot - kill bill
24 the avalanches - ray of zdarlight

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