Thursday, May 31, 2007

Plastic Little Tonite

From Plastic Little:
'm so hungover i could vomit baby giraffes, but that don't matter because rapping must happen!

Us, we're called Plastic Little or Crapstick Shittle
The Mighty Mighty Sweatheart!- best rappers alive
Triangle Forrest!- all the way from ProviDANCE Rhode Island
DJ Si Young- Permanent Asshole Face. His words not mine. He be spinning some records to make the bitches shake they rectums.

Special Guest, MC Spankrock. He'll just be eating pork side stage and making fun of my light complexion and telling me how dissapointing i am as a human being. Thanks Nareem.....

Johnny Brenda's
Frankford and Girard
9pm shizarp. For real. 9pm Sharp.

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