Monday, May 21, 2007

Fluid 10 Year Anniversary with Claude Von Stroke

Fluid Nightclub is turning 10 years old this Wednesday and to celebrate they are bringing in Claude Von Stroke, Dave P, Diamond Girl and NickTheV. Admission is only $5 if on the guestlist. Claude Von Stroke and his Dirtybird records have been everywhere in the past year. Claude is originally from San Francisco but toured all around the world playing at some of the biggest clubs in in the US, London and Ibiza.
Check out this video "Deep Throat" featuring German Girls, a large blue bird, a laundromat and a young kid.

Claude Von Stroke on MySpace, $5 if on the guestlist


steve k. said...

greetings..just a minor correction...claude is originally from detroit, but lives in san fran now.

di1 said...

doh, makes sense. Damn you wikipedia! Actually I don't remember where I got that from ;)