Thursday, May 03, 2007

DJ Lion - Ragga / Hip Hop Jungle Mixtape

With all of this neu rave floating around, I've been missing old rave music. One of my favorite genres was jungle / drum n bass, particularly jump up, ragga and hip hop remixes. A friend of mine had a mixtape (actual cassette tape) from DJ Lion that blew my mind. It easily was our favorite mix, sadly it was so good we believe a friend homesteaded it and it was forever lost. Thankfully to the power of the Internets and MySpace I tracked down DJ Lion and he was able to digitize the mix. So I offer it up to you. Its 90 minutes long, with Side A and the first 45 minutes dedicated to all ragga and the second 45 minutes on Side B dedicated to all hip hop remixes. Sorry no tracklisting. I believe this is from mid to late 90's.
DJ Lion on MySpace


Lion said...

Thanks for the kind words..

Lion said...

One more thing..
The tracklisting is encoded in the MP3 under "lyrics", also on the cover (also encoded)

Anonymous said...

oh snap i had this tape!