Friday, May 25, 2007

DJ Funk on Saturday

Before Baltimore Club killed it for me in the clubs there was Ghetto House also known as Juke or Booty House from Chicago and Ghettotech from Detroit. (Ghetto House and Booty House are both all encompassing names for a number of different sub genres of music while Juke is specifically from Chicago and Ghettotech is specifically from Detroit.) Names like DJ Funk, DJ Assault, DJ Godfather and Slugo were banging that 130 BPM + music. There were so many classics that I would bug out to if I heard in the club. It was fast, it was bass heavy and the songs were raw. DJ Funk was one of my favorite DJ's and if he was playing I would be there. Songs like "Sex on the beach", "Playa Haters in Dis House", "Face Down", "Booty Bounce", "Let me bang", "Pump It" and so many more classics. There were so many because the DJ's would run them for maybe 2 minutes a piece if that. Watching them spin was a workout because they would constantly be changing records. Cue it up, mix, switch and repeat for 2 hours. Check the interview below for a history of Ghetto House, including how the name came about, and interviews with Funk, Waxmaster and more.

Now you can see DJ Funk on Ed Banger remixing Justice and so many more. Here is a 20 minute mix from 1999.
You can see DJ Funk live with many more this weekend at Whistle at Shampoo. Buy tickets online from or from 611 at 611 South 4th Street.

DJ Funk on MySpace, Buy Booty House Anthems 2 from CdBaby, DJ Assault on MySpace, Hit up PoundforPound for DJ Slugo and "Wouldn't You Like to be Hoe"

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Owen said...

! Ghetto tech's all too rare these days.. none the less, Detroits DJ Surgeon is here June 9! Saw him last week in Detroit playing everything from ghetto tech to Stardust, really fast, scratching everything. Serious party DJ.

Gig details are here..

(apologies for the spam..)