Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lets Listen to Brazilian Artschool Alternative Funk

Ohh Bonde Do Role!

Early in the year the boys over at Mad Decent were busy working hard with Domino Records on penning a deal for these Curitiba natives. They dropped this little promo CDR of new tracks and some exclusive remixes. I think they were selling this on tour too but when they came to play Philly it was at Upstairs at Sals and there was no room for a merch table. Actually there wasn't even a stage, they just got in the middle of the dance floor grabbed the mics and started doing there show. I think there are some pictures floating around of them dancing around with packed room full of hipsters trying to sing a long with out knowing any Portuguese. So as a super special giveaway we are going to give away one copy of the new "Solta o Frango" single on Domino Records to whomever hits me up on them emails with their favorite Bonde Do Role moment.

Well this is a remix track from that CD done by non other then the bol DJ A aka Doc Money Beats. I knew DJ A has been running the mastering game doing stuff for Bonde Dol Role, Trouble and Bass, and all your other favorite labels, but I had no idea dude was dropping remix nuggets. Check out this remix he did using BOC's "Don't Fear The Reaper". Man this totally reminds me of that movie about the two dudes who are trying to bang those chicks (no buffalo chicks) who are house sitting and the whole movie revolves around the dude having an outer body experience with the spot light from the Blue Oyster Cult show......

Fear the Reaper.....

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