Thursday, May 31, 2007

Wheres Me Booty: Attn Those Who Have Purchased Tix

From PaperStreet:
*We've been selling tickets for the Boat Crusie this Saturday through Ticketweb and by hand so we don't have an exact list of who grabbed tix, if you haven't gotten them yet please ignore this e-mail*

OK party people, it is ON this Saturday! You ready for the summer kick-off party to end all summer kick-off parties? While the rest of the city is stuck on land we're all gonna be crusin in international waters with the best party DJ's in the universe. Here's some answers to the most common questions I've gotten from you:

- What time do we get there?
We start boarding at 9pm. There will be DJ's going the whole time and we'll be drinking and whatnot from 9 until we take off around 10:30. Just make sure you're on the boat when it pulls it out. We get back at 2am, BUT we may take a vote on board to see if everyone wants to keep crusin longer. We're in international man made laws apply. It's going to be up to you.

- Is there parking? How do I get to the Liberty Belle boat?
Yup, plenty of parking is available by the boat. The Liberty Belle is docked at the Navy Yard next to the Philly Cruise Terminal. Real easy to get to, it's at the South end of Broad Street. Traveling from I-95? Take I-95 Exit 17 (Broad Street). Go South onto Broad Street. Enter Main Gate at Navy Yard. Continue on Broad Street to the Cruise Terminal (Building #3). The terminal will be the last building on the right. Taking a cab is even easier.

- Top shelf open bar means what?

It means everything you want to drink is free and tipping is INCLUDED. I'm an occasional drinker myself and I wanted to make sure you are taken care of, so we hired 10 EXTRA bartenders for the night, 16 total, so you're endless thirst will finally be satisfied.

- What floors is everything on?
Floor One it's DJ Dee Jay with Madonna/Michael/Prince party. Yes, all Madonna, Michael Jackson and Prince all night. It's even more fun than it sounds. Floor Two it's Emil & Bo from White Tees, White Belts. This is the big party room on the boat, expect sweaty mash-ups and club bangers and lots of drunk grinding. Floor Three it's Rich Medina & Lucas Rivera with Mojito's live percussionists Kiki and Carlos. This is the outdoor party with house and Afro-Cuban beats with the sky above you and the water rushing past beneath.

- Is Pirate attire really encouraged?
Yes, it is. The party's called Where's Me Booty. Of course we want Pirates and Wenches. If you don't know what a Pirate or a Wench looks like, go Google Image it or something. It's not necessary but it will be fun. I'm working on a parrot right now. I'm not kidding.

If you have friends freaking out right now, and you probably do cause my phone is blowing up, there may still be tix left online here.

If it's sold out, then we have some tix we printed out for hand-to-hand sale, just get at us.


This is going to be incredible. I might wear a life jacket cause I'm afraid of falling off cause of the open bar and all...

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