Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tonite: Planet of the Drums: Platinum Reunion

Incredible. Planet of the Drums is back for a special Platinum reunion. Dieselboy's Platinum night at Fluid (613 S. 4th) every Thursday was one of the premiere places to hear new drum n bass and jungle in the US. Every week a prominent producer or DJ would take the decks to a packed house. Resident DJ's Sine and Icon held down warmup duties while Dieselboy was away touring the world. Relive just a little bit of the magic tonite with AK1200, Dara, Dieselboy and J Messinian along with Kaos, Sine, Sharpness and Illy.

So I dug in the crates and found some old school and new school sets from Dieselboy and Dara.

Here is a cassette rip of Killa Sound from 1995. Houstonbeats has the tracklist
I briefly mentioned Sutpen's Jungle yesterday but it was the biggest jungle/dnb full party there was in the city, the East Coast and possibly all of the US. For years it was in a DIY warehouse called the Fake House in West Philly. In 2000, Substitution moved it to the Electric Factory. I used to have the flyer and might still somewhere. The lineup was incredible. Anyways here is a live set from Dieselboy
Last but not least is a newer set from Dslboy in January of 2007


Anonymous said...

glad you mentioned that sutpen's jungle started at the fakehaus in west philly, unlike most people who say the first one ever was at the electric factory.

Amber said...

still have the flier :-)