Friday, May 04, 2007

What it Do: First Friday

Peedi Peedi, Pablo the Badlands Bully tonite, tonite. I'm super excited. I love First Friday. The weather is killer now. I'm hyped about the boat party. I'm just excited in general. Holla at your boy when you see me out this weekend.

  • First Friday -art and stuff. Walk around, go to Lineage, talk about the post modern color and the soul of the artist as he worked through his emotions using watercolors, newspaper and flour (no this doesn't help, but its kind of how i feel right about now)
  • American Sneakers at Ruba at 10 PM
  • White Tees White Belts with Peedi Crack at the Ukie til 3:30 or so. A whole new level of awesomeness on par with Bun B at Hollerween. (847 N. Franklin Street)
  • Hipster doomsday as its the last nite of Hands & Knees. (blocs away from the Ukie just saying)
  • Fat Camp at 700 Club with Dan the Swede and Pandemonium Jones
    • drunking and dancing at 700 N. 2nd Street

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