Friday, May 18, 2007

Deck Heads

Ok, I'm working on the What It Do but you may not read those before you leave for work and then you would be missing Deck Heads. If you're into skateboarding or art or free beer and food, then you should go to Exit Philadelphia tonite from 6 - 10 at 440 E. Girard. Even the Weekly says its an A List pick:

Exit Skateshop and 37 local and international artists don’t suffer from the same lack of imagination. They’ve put together “Deck Heads,” a one-night show featuring a collection of art on boards. You’ll get to see what amazing artists like Sean “Mr. G,” Josh Hoffman and Alex Curtis came up with, and participate in a silent auction. Beyond the art, this is a great chance to check out one of the city’s coolest new spots.

Exit Philadelphia

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