Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The 12 Superhero DJS out to Save the Night

If you know anything about Philly music, you should know that there have been some amazing DJ's that have grown up in this corner of the world including Cash Money, Too Tuff and Jazzy Jeff just to name a few of the old school favorites. Killah Kate Kilpatrick takes a look at the 12 DJs that are currently killing it in the city in the latest issue of the Philadelphia Weekly. Big shout out to Brendan Bring'em for making the front page, Emil and Bo of White Tees White Belts for "Best Party Rocking Tag Team", Mr. Wu Tang: Freak Nasty and laser shooting Indie party rockers from Hands and knees Ian St. Laurent and John Redden. Not one of these DJ's should be missed though, check out the article to find out where you can hear them next.

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