Thursday, April 26, 2007

Cornbread - Graffiti Legend

Cornbread is credited as being the father of modern graffiti who in the late 60's and early 1970's covered Philly with his friend Cool Earl. As mentioned here by Seg, a new documentary is dedicated to their exploits as they spearheaded the graffiti movement a full two years before NYC started bombing their trains and everything else in sight.
On-screen, Cornbread talks about his graffiti exploits, the city’s gang wars, and how the newspapers once declared him dead. He describes the stunts he pulled to spraypaint his name on police cars and paddy wagons, the Jackson 5’s jet, even an elephant at the zoo—all before joining Mayor Wilson Goode’s Anti-Graffiti Network. But he also talks about getting messed up on drugs and witnessing his oldest son being shot to death. While the film will no doubt appeal to the graffiti crowd, McKnight believes his documentary is a human story all will appreciate.

Check out the documentary tonite at The Gathering a monthly hip hop event held on the last Thursday of the month. For more info check out Cinema Alliance. Read the Philly Weekly article here.

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