Friday, April 20, 2007

611 Records is Moving

611 Records is moving from their current location at 611 South 4th Street. Nigel shouldn't have a problem finding a new place now that he is a realtor. To help with the move, everything in the store is marked down by 50% so start digging. The new location will be announced on 6/11/07.

UPDATE: Use code 58af9a on when checking out for 50% off as well.
Bonus: Dieselboy - Live set at Bassrush 3 in 1996

Background story: Bassrush parties happened in the Baltimore area and were put on by Ultraworld who also threw parties at the DC armory and now every year outside at Ft. Armistead park with Starscape. Lonnie, the founder, now runs Sonar in Baltimore. Bonus trivia: One of his early parties was held at the Martian Martini bar in the Fells Point section of Baltimore.

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