Friday, April 27, 2007

Citypaper 2007 Style Issue

This week the Citypaper published their annual style issue. Be sure to check it out online because half of the pages in the actual paper are black and white.

you won't find a more diverse crop of curiously clothed cityfolk than the amateur fashionistas who strut our crosswalks and subway platforms. Which is why we took our Style Issue straight to the streets.

We stopped strangers to chat about what they're wearing, and what their style says about them.

We pounded the pavement in Philly neighborhoods — some obvious (Old City, South Street), some not so obvious (the Great Northeast, West Philly) — for the best spring and summer finds.

We shopped for girl sneakers, funky hats, T-shirts, sharp specs and wacky nails.

We even asked local makeup artists to use faces like canvas to represent the 'hoods that most inspire them.

Here's hoping they inspire you.

Link, For more street fashion be sure to check out Broad&Market.

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