Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Switch, Diplo, Blaqstarr, Sega, Josh Wink

Yo, fuck real life for real. I want to be lawnmower man during the day and then magically appear at night at whatever club night that is the best that night. Like this night, in fact this whole day. I have some real world ish to handle all this week and have no idea how much internets I am going to have access to. This means that I'm missing out on all of Wednesday and won't be posting much. Wednesday would have been an all around awesome day. Early morning, I got the daytime grind on lock with some important interesting ish, get out at a mad decent time and then restaurant week reservations at Brasserie Perrier, for two, with a hopeful good look, course I'm not sure about that whole situation anymore. Then, nighttime jumpoff with Switchlo aka Lilo and Stitch aka Switch and Diplo which, if you were lucky, saw kill it pre tour at [Click] at Fluid. Not to mention rockstar (shorty we are rockstars) Blaqstarr and the "hipster premiere of DJ Sega". Sega is the truth. By hipster premiere, they mean, have you been to Jamz on a Friday or Pinnacle on a Sunday? This is an all ages jump off, so I bet some of you have. I got to see the young bol DJ in an intimate setting last week (Happy bday DSJ and Jawntronix) and he absolutely killed while playing all of his own trax. I'm not salty in the least bit. Not at all...
More info at R5Productions.com

And just to add insult to injury, Josh Wink celebrates 10 years of Ovum last Wednesdays at Fluid. If you're more into "traditional" house as opposed to Baltimore house, then you need to be here. Two complete opposite ends of the spectrum. I don't even want to write anymore about this or find that Wink music video where the boombox becomes a big star.
Wink guestlist which is free entry until 12.

Like I said, Not. Salty. At. All. In. The Least. Definitely didn't want to crazy leg wit it to Blaqstarr or Wu Tang to Sega. Nope, not me.

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