Friday, September 21, 2007

Hip Hop Links

First off, Brendan Bring'em is the best DJ in the city hands down. Promoters outside of Philly need to be booking him across the world. Philly consistently has some of the best DJ's ever. I feel honored that I can go see him 5 nights of the week and know that he'll absolutely kill it. Those last 45 minutes are so focused. If you haven't seen him see him Sundays at Loie, Wednesdays at Walnut Room, Thursdays at Bamboo, Fridays at Tragos or Saturdays at Mojito, be sure to make time in your busy schedule. He has so much heat coming it's not even a question. As soon as young Jes One gets on his grind and completes his mixtape for the mix series, I'm sure you'll all understand if you didn't already know.

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