Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11, 2007: 50 Cent VS Kanye

Who will win? Personally I'll be buying both. As far as the comment that 50 will retire, he doesn't really have much to lose on that. He signed a 5 album deal with Interscope/Shady/Aftermath. Curtis is his 3rd, he says he already has the material recorded for his 4th album to be released in February and his 5th album is a greatest hits album. I mean, does he really need to release any more albums?

Lets also not forget that the 40 Cal album dropped today as well. Pick up all three at your favorite independent record store or get them for cheap at Amazon. Even Amazon is stacked against him, buy both 50 and Kanye for 19.94 or just 40 Cal for 17.98. Which album will you be buying?


The CD said...

Why you fronting like you gonna buy either one.

I will personally give you 15 bucks to buy on of these, would you even spend $2 on these shits.

My guess.

Hell no. Lets just buy a bottle and get wasted and oink fruityloops and make regional booty music.

di1 said...

I'm going to Armands after work.

Not the cd said...

bull shit, its also raining.

Yo I have to go to LAVA if you want a ride. You could also go to the cupcake party we are having afterwards where people in the building meet each other.

di1 said...

It stopped raining. LAVA sounds awesome, I'm sad that I'll miss it.